Write with New York City Trees

Katie Holten has created a New York City Tree Alphabet. Each letter of the Latin alphabet is assigned a drawing of a tree from the NYC Parks Department’s existing native and non-native trees, as well as species that are to be planted as a result of the changing climate. For example, A = Ash.

Everyone is invited to download the free font, NYC Trees, and to write words, poems, messages, or love letters, in Trees.”

Some of these messages will be selected and planted with real trees around the city. The New York City Tree Alphabet is an alphabetical planting palette, allowing the team to rewrite the urban landscape by planting messages around the city with real trees. What messages would you like to see planted? Share your words, messages, screenshots with them to studio@katieholten.com

Download the font here
Follow Katie Holten for more info: @katieholten

  1. willowseedart

    I love this font and the idea behind it is very clever and inspiring. Perhaps this will show people that nature does talk!