What are you teaching through your work?

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We are all teachers. Whether you create art, music or design, whether you work in an office, whether you create tinctures, veggie gardens or delicious meals for your family… We’re all creators. And we’re all teachers. We teach through our behavior and our conduct. We set an example for others to follow. Are you happy with the example you are setting to other people?

Since you are most likely a fellow artist I am going to speak specifically about artists as teachers. Because our work as teachers are very important. The most impactful information we receive daily are usually visual or experiential – two things that most artmaking is aimed at or using as its main characteristic. So what we create inherently has a big impact on those people who see our work.

So what is your art teaching others?

Everything you create, everything you do in the creation of your work, is a reflection of your beliefs, your ideologies and the type of world you are ‘voting’ for and helping to create. If you feel resistant to this idea, or feel a heavy sense of responsibility, that’s good! It means you’re really getting it! It means that you are grasping the understanding that EVERYTHING YOU DO HAS AN IMPACT outside of your studio, house or workspace. It shows people what type of world you believe in. It shows you what you are willing to do, say and express. And if it doesn’t, then you need to make some changes to find your authentic voice, material, medium or message!

Are you teaching people to see the beauty in the world through your botanical sculptures, landscape paintings or seascapes? Are you teaching people to see the beauty in other people by creating portraits? Are you teaching people to see a different perspective to life through your abstract sculpture work?

Are you teaching people that there’s things wrong in the world that we need to see and change through your political, controversial or challenging artworks? Are you teaching people to bravely face their fears?

Are you teaching people to cherish what they have, and to use beautiful objects instead of mass-produced consumer items by creating beautiful earthenware and ceramics?

Are you teaching the things you want to teach?

We live in a rapidly changing world. Regardless of the causes, debates and viewpoints, our climate and weather patterns is changing. Our political, social and global society is changing, morphing, growing. Our collective consciousness is going through big changes as we challenge long-held beliefs and conventions. Our individual lives are changing as we claim freedom and sovereignty for ourselves. The world is changing, and we need to make sure that we are helping to support and create the solutions that will make the future better for everyone – a future which is peaceful, where everyone’s needs are met. A future of abundance in which communities are resilient, collaborative and caring.

You are a teacher. And your work needs to reflect the lessons and messages that you want to teach to others. Share your beliefs, share your unique perspective, share your authentic voice – the world needs us to step up, wake up and to teach what is truly needed for us to transform further than we have dared to go up to now.

Very often artists have different perspectives than the rest of society, and are way ahead of their time. Artists are part of the way-showers, the change agents, the light bringers. Make sure you are living up to your potential in being this for others! If you’re not already teaching your TRUE beliefs and messages in your work, then make the changes needed!