I AM WATER Opens the Soul of the Blue

I AM WATER can be considered a movement rather than a foundation. I AM WATER aims to protect the only true untamed wild left, the ocean. Yet they are aware that conservation is more than telling people to stop throwing rubbish into the ocean. Instead of preaching, they are offering the chance of a lifetime. They offer a real life experience within the ocean, alongside the creatures of the deep. Once you experienced the beauty, lives and soul of the ocean, how could you not want to conserve it for yourself and others?


I AM WATER Movement


I AM WATER acts as water does. They flow and move to reach a goal. Every movement has a beginning, and they’re no different. They began with “think extreme snorkeling” (or better known as free-diving). From there the movement grew to what it is now: a movement focused on creating first-hand experiences between humans and nature.


Three Tiered Mission

I AM WATER awareness
Yet I AM WATER didn’t stop at the ocean experiences. Their work includes advocacy and awareness. These three tiers are all connected with one another, as they build a strong foundation first. They educate, allowing a natural curiosity to turn into a burning love. Educated ocean lovers often turn into advocates, leading to even more awareness and education. Therefore, by focusing on education, I AM WATER can reach more people.

However without the critical ocean experiences, they wouldn’t be any different from someone else trying to educate and advocate for the ocean. Education without real-life experiences often mean a lot in the moment but leave the mind when you leave the building. The ocean experiences are carried with you as a memory of a lifetime.

Free-diving with the Marine Life

Who can forget the moment they swam next to a dolphin? When you free-dive; it is you, your body, your capabilities together with the ocean and marine life. A bond forms when you are completely free within the deep blue. You are no longer a person splashing around in the waves; instead, you are part of the world underneath the water.


Learn to Freedive

Travel with I AM WATER

The Last Wilderness

For those with love for travel, I AM WATER offers an even more intense experience than free-diving. They offer the chance to travel with them and explore the deep somewhere else than were you might already have experienced it. It is truly an experience of a lifetime, as you are able to learn not only of the ocean, but also more about yourself.

This opportunity offers plenty of perks, if free-diving while travelling isn’t a perk on its own. You will be trained for “big animal encounters”, which will open a new door of marine life to you. You will also receive photos of yourself enjoying this experience together with a signed book, The Last Wilderness.



Tell Me More


Make a Difference Today

We don’t need to participate to make a difference. You can make a few small changes in your life today that will get the message across without uttering a word. Remember, actions speak louder than words. Instead of telling your friends and family what they can do, show them.

Eat Sustainable Fish

You can start by getting either a sustainable seafood card or app for your particular country.

Learn and Live the Tips

I AM WATER offers some great tips on living greener (or should we say bluer). You can find them here. Unless you are a person with plenty of time and willpower, it would be best to make the changes slowly to limit burnout. People often go into life changes with incredible energy, but after a while they realise they miss their old, easier ways and return to them. When changes are taken slowly over time, you give yourself time to adjust. Therefore, plan these changes and don’t force them upon yourself and others. Have fun and make a difference slowly, but surely!


Get Involved and Connected

You can always find a way to connect with the ocean through I AM WATER. You can either donate or contact them to see whether they can use your skills. They are always looking to connect with people to spread out and reach further, kind of like water.