WASTE, by Heather Green

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Human energy misdirected;

Pollution tells the story

Of man’s thrice rejected soul.

Dumps of plastic tell of power

Thrusting deep into the land

Where virgin springs no longer flow.

Thrice denied brings home glory

For the soul struggling to breathe

From fumes overwhelming –

Stench of past mistakes

Lies rotting in its grave –

Corridors of debris piled upon pile,

Fenced off as art form,

Reflecting man’s darkness

To be seen and not heard.

Mother Earth cries out in pain –

Free me and nurture me.

Paint over the grey days

With understanding and plumbed depths

That climates do change.

Restore sunshine when sun’s due to shine

And rain to be falling,

When clouds must be opened.

Man’s heart must be freed.

Duty lies in believing

The Earth is man’s friend.

Heather Green, December 2002

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