Thank you to the amazing presenters and guides who shared their knowledge and passion for biodiversity as part of VERGE in 2018:

Dr Chloé Guerbois
PhD in Ecology (MNHN Paris) | Post-doctoral fellow: Sustainability Research Unit of Nelson Mandela University, George Campus

Sue Swain
Founder and executive director of BioWise, a social enterprise that aspired to bring about positive change by promoting the practice of biomimicry. |

Outramps CREW
A CREW (Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers) group of citizen scientists that find and map rare and endangered plants in the Southern Cape. |

Mark Dixon
BSc in Agriculture | MSc in Aquaculture. Environmental educator, guide, consultant. |  
Instagram: @garden_route_trail, @photographymgd | Twitter: @coastalwalk and @mediamgd

Philippa Mallac & Vernon Pendlebury
Permaculturists, beekeepers, and seed guardians and growers: Sacred Earth Seeds

Dr. Mark Brown
Program Director for the Nature’s Valley Trust. Honorary researcher at the School of Life Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal. | | |

Dr. Dave Edge
Entomologist | Conservation Director at Brenton Blue Trust | Former senior lecturer at the School of Environmental Sciences at North-West University.

Dr. Louw Claassens
Marine biologist & current director of the Knysna Basin Project

Bool Smuts
Director of the Landmark Foundation |

Nanna (Helena) Joubert
Horticulturist, natural perfumer, artist, and volunteer at Pledge Nature Reserve

Janet Botes
Contemporary visual artist, designer, workshop facilitator & eco arts coordinator.