A percentage of art sales are donated to these local conservation organisations and initiatives that work towards the protection of species and their habitats, and towards research that enhances our knowledge and understanding of the current state of biodiversity.

Brenton Blue Trust

The Brenton Blue Trust (BBT) was founded in early 1997, and the trustees are all conservation bodies. Aims and Objectives of the BBT include the prevention the extinction of the Brenton Blue butterfly, promoting its establishment in its previous and other habitats, as well as supporting efforts aimed at conserving habitats necessary for the survival of other Lepidoptera species, in the interests of preserving biological diversity. The BBT also aims to promote nation-wide and international co-operation between individuals and organisations having aims similar to the BBT’s objectives.


Knysna Basin Project

The Knysna Basin Project is a scientifically focused Not for Profit organization based in Knysna, South Africa. The overarching aim of the Knysna Basin Project is to ensure the future conservation of the Knysna Estuary and the surrounding catchments. We believe that this aim can only be achieved through ongoing scientific research and the education of those that depend on the estuary and surrounding environment. As an organization, we work closely with management authorities and local groups to ensure the implementation of tangible management and conservation actions.


Landmark Foundation

Landmark Foundation is an NGO focusing on conservation in Southern Africa and leopard & predator conservation. The Landmark Foundation recognises that the intact natural landscapes of Southern Africa region are under threat from irresponsible human activities. These landscapes are now amongst our most treasured landmarks. The threats to these places are the result of land-uses that have degraded the aesthetic value of the areas and the biodiversity patterns and processes contained in them, and in most cases for short-term financial gain. What is required is a landmark change of thinking and behaviour, whereby biodiversity and landscape conservation provides investment returns and benefits to people, that in turn creates incentives for its conservation. The Landmark Foundation strives to build the conservation economy so that these landscapes can effectively be conserved.

Nature’s Valley Trust (NVT)

The Nature’s Valley Trust is a small community driven NPO working at the cutting edge of integrated conservation in South Africa. Operating in four main arenas, namely Conservation, Education, Community and Research. The NVT takes a holistic view of people and the environment, and use the four programs to help shape how people live, how they view the world around them, and how they as individuals can contribute to conserving the natural world.


Pledge Nature Reserve

Pledge Nature Reserve is a 10hectare declared nature reserve in the heart of Knysna, easily accessible at only 200 m from the Main road. The effect of leaving the bustle of town, and within minutes, finding the tranquillity of rustling leaves, babbling streams and birdsong, is nothing short of magical. The approximately 5kms of walking trails leads you past the lower-lying ponds, over streams, through forest and fynbos, upwards towards the viewpoint where you can rest and enjoy a stunning view of the Knysna Lagoon and Heads. There are over 300 species of plants and a 100 species of birds noted, and it is worthwhile spending some time here to fully explore this local gem.

Although the reserve was seriously burnt during the June 2017 fires it is thrilling to observe nature returning with vigour. Our Fynbos section especially, is quickly recovering and we are seeing species that have lain in wait for many years. Unfortunately, many alien invaders are also germinating, and we have been actively working towards clearing the reserve of these.

The Reserve is managed and maintained by the Pledge Nature Reserve Trust, a non-profit organization which is financed by grants, donations and ongoing fundraising efforts. The Trust is committed to conserve the natural systems in the Reserve for the benefit of all residents and visitors to Knysna, and to fulfil a most important environmental education function.