Tree Sisters: Unleashing our love and generosity together

TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. We are growing a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the acceleration of tropical reforestation as an expression of collective planetary care.

We channel 80% of member donations to exemplary existing reforestation organisations in the tropics with whom we partner to restore ecosystems. The remaining 20% funds our behavior change and consciousness shift work with women to reinstate feminine leadership, and normalise collective ownership of planetary restoration.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which it is normal for everyone to protect and restore our planet.

Our Mission

To rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation by inspiring and channeling women’s nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action.

Our Unique Approach

We focus on the creation of resources and experiences that empower women to step into their feminine nature-based leadership, in support of humanity’s identity shift from a consumer species to a restorer species. Our approach is the balance of inner and outer, spiritual and practical, behavioural and ecological pathways towards that shift. This is a process of discovering how to engage, nourish, inspire and activate women into their unique gifts and generosity on behalf of themselves, each other and the forests that we love and need.

May we support each other’s creations.
May we honour each other’s unique wisdoms.
May we commit to looking for each other’s beauty.
May we make way for the emergent feminine in each other.
May we forgive each other’s mistakes.
May we know our own strength and support our sisters to find theirs.
May we know that we are cells in the same body.
May we feel our roots in the earth.
May we gather, unite, rise and call forth a new way.

~ Clare Dubois

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