THE SPIRIT OF LAND ART – by Heather Green

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Creations within nature have a way of moving the heart as no other art form can do for me. A moving tribute to Life.

As waves wash, as light plays its tune within moving shadows governed by Creation, so do the spiral waves generated by love of the earth reach deep into one’s being, into the DNA of Life. Pulsations of creativity spread across the stones forming a secret Fibonacci code which speaks through sacred silence.

The expansiveness of the palate of nature offers a visual experience like no other, where vision is unlimited. The living life of the sea whispers invitations to join the celebration of Life, to a gallery opening of the soul. The heartbeat of the forest true to itself, green as the vibration of the heart chakra, core of the human essence where perfect balance reflects the coming together of spirit and matter.

Moving and unmoving are the rocks that stand proud upon the earth. In their selection according to colour, shape and size, does the eco artist encourage nature to rearrange herself according to man’s will, to man’s personal vision. In taking a step backward to view his work of art, does man have a moment to breathe in the essence of his creation, which is truly not his – as nothing on this earth is truly his. Simply on loan from time immemorial.

So is the ephemeral nature of artistic expression on nature’s canvas. The elements soon determine the fate of a part of herself as stone cairns tumble and fall, as shades of ochre dissipate with the sunset, as branches bend to decay like any earthly being in the circle of Life.

We are one with the stones, the trees, the waves. The joy that arises within the human breast as it connects with Mother Earth is the unspoken joy of connecting with the Source of Life itself. The artist working within the principles of the land is, consciously or inadvertently, recreating the design that lies within his soul – the sperm of his art form being the outward expression of his inner nature. The labour involved in his creation suggests the story of his duty on earth.

His choices are limited by what he finds in his surroundings. A reflection of the free will of mankind? Unlimited yet limited.

The land artist is my favourite artist, one who creates a simple brush stroke from the offerings of earth, faithful to the principles of recycling. And the artists of the crop circles, extraordinary art forms in fields of wheat and barley, do they not present us with food for thought before disappearing in a chimera?

Words by Heather Green

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