The Passion that Drives Nature Valley Trust

Have you ever tried to do something that you really have a passion for? That passion propels you further than you thought possible. Nature Valley Trust (NVT) has that drive. As such, this non-profit oganisation has reached plenty of remarkable heights in their conservation efforts simply by having the want to make a difference.

The Important Four

To Nature Valley Trust, there are four aspects that are important to them: Community, Conservation, Education and Research. By bringing those four aspects together, they are able to stay focused and consistent. After all, conservation never stops and is slow moving.


Of the many conservation efforts Nature Valley Trust takes on, one of their more reputable activities is the protection of Nature Valley’s land itself. This includes not only educating the community on their possible harmful activities and plants, but also being involved in development projects. Because of urban development’s risk to cause harm to the biodiversity’s balance, this is a particularly important focus point for Nature Valley Trust. They hope to achieve long term sustainable growth. This allows growth while conserving for future generations.

Read more on their many different conservation endeavours here.

Open Information

Further, Nature Valley Trust develop closeness with the community by offering plenty of in depth posts on their research. This helps those who care, but do not have the time, to keep on top of the most recent developments. Not only do they have information readily available to the average Joe, but they have an impressive educational outreach for those who like a more hands-on approach.

Nature Valley Trust spare no effort in their education program. Allowing their passion to drive them further, they managed to create a curriculum that reaches around 5000 people a year. Their program is catered to the young and old, allowing everyone to learn how their activities can impact nature.

Although you learn in a classroom, it is probably one classroom we all would have liked in school. Instead of a room, students are outside. Here we spend time with those who can point out all the interesting wonders we might miss.

It’s about Community

But those who already conserve has the opportunity to be even more involved. Nature Valley Trust builds communities up with various community activities, each catered for the particular need of that community. Because of these events, awareness of environmental issues can change lifestyles for the better. No change happens quickly, but consistently.

Do you want to find out what you can do together with Nature Valley Trust? Visit their website here.

A percentage of the money made on sold artworks at VERGE exhibition (10 November to 30 November) goes to the conservation efforts of Nature Valley Trust and other organisations. If you would like to know more about VERGE, click here.