The Freedom Gallery project

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I have been wanting to share a post about the Freedom Gallery and in their latest newsletter, I’ve been given the perfect summary to share:

The Freedom Gallery project started in Spring of 2018 in Pretoria. A team of five volunteers cleaned the pedestrian tunnel – now a pilot in a conceptual project called “The Freedom Gallery” – between Loftus Versveld, heimat of the Blue Bulls and Mamelodi Sundowns, and The University of Pretoria.

What is the “Freedom Gallery” project? It is a public space activation project aimed at promoting freedom of expression (right to the city) , creating an open learning opportunity (through implementation of turning waste into micro-economies) and creating safe public space in our city (moving from security to safety). The TAU activation team consists of a group of individuals who are all passionate about one or more of these topics, and we are looking for more agents to join our team.

The aim of the project is to produce a real world example of the implementation of ideas from the creative sector in terms of community, lifestyle and education and what that means in a public space. We are imagining new ways to live in our city, ways that empower the marginalized and gives everyone equal access to opportunity through open education and a shared economy. We are interested in the possibility of co-creating a decolonized learning institution in partnership with the existing institution next door and the surrounding community. We invite all friends of the Freedom Gallery to come and voice their opinions at any of our Sunday meditation sessions. (On that note – I apologize for the late newsletter as well as lack of clarity in our explanations thus far. As I said, we are figuring this out as we go along, and we are refining our ideas all the time. Thank you for supporting this movement by reading and spreading the word!)

In the meantime, we are building connections with the University of Pretoria in order to provide more access to educational resources for the community. It’s a process…

Read the rest of the newsletter:

To support the project with donations, resources or your time and skills, please send an email to or and put “support” in the subject line.

And follow the project: