Support KhayaWeb: an online platform for Khayelitsha

Support Khayaweb! Funds are currently being raised to develop a website to promote Khayelitsha. The website will feature organisations and people doing good things in Khayelitsha currently not featured in the world wide web.

Khayelitsha is Cape Town’s largest township. Despite the negative image it has, there are a lot of good things happening here. The area thrives with entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and other great initiatives. We are a group of web developers from Khayelitsha and we want to give people from our township a voice by developing an online portal. This would both showcase to the world all the good things happening here, and it would give a useful online tool to many worthwhile initiatives.

It is time to introduce a new platform to combat this superficial knowledge about an area so fundamental to Cape Town. We want to break away from the stream of single stories around Khayelitsha and develop an online platform called KhayaWeb that provides an in-depth and much more nuanced side of Khayelitsha. While not hiding the negatives, this website will be focused on showing people all the good things that are happening in Khayelitsha. It will be centered around providing a large number of catalogues, business profiles, personal stories, videos, maps, videos and other insides into Khayelitsha. The goal is to ultimately build an online portal around everything that Khayelitsha has to offer, and to show this to Capetonians, the population inside Khayelitsha, and visitors from elsewhere. We want to help people overcome their prejudice towards Khayelitsha and see that there is much more to it.

If you support Khayaweb you’ll also make further possible development possible

The initial goal is to set up the Khayelitsha website. However, there are various other possibilities once the website is launched. These might include:

  • Bringing e-commerce to shops and vendors
  • Building training and education programmes around the website
  • Replication in other areas
  • Next-level website tools for organisations and businesses


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