StateoftheArt Gallery Award finalist Balekane Legoabe’s art

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Artist Statement:

The fact that humans can simultaneously experience an array of
overlapping emotions is something that has always fascinated me.
As people, we have the ability to occupy more than one emotional state at a time, which means that our feelings can, and often times do, exist in a liminal space. my work explores the concept of liminality in relation to emotional states.

I make use of varying degrees of opacity to simultaneously hide and reveal information in my work. I also layer and overlap images, shapes and colours. These visual techniques facilitate the concept in that they all have to do with the layering of two or more separate pieces of
information in order to make the viewer aware of an existing middle ground, or liminal space.

The artworks submitted form part of a body of work that I am currently creating titled, “Sleeping Over at Other People’s Houses.”

The series visually explores the darkness and complexities of the
emotional and mental lows felt over the last three years due to
compromising on held values and truths. The title itself is a metaphor for compromising the values and beliefs that one holds and adopting another’s in order to win favour with them. By choosing to compromise, one is no longer “sleeping at their own house” but “sleeping over at another’s.”

These artworks embody heartache, pain, grief, anxiety, uncertainty, abandonment, confusion and rumination. They explore notions of fearing men, deviating from truth, keeping idols and compromising to one’s detriment.

I want my work to create a visceral experience that encourages and propels viewers to tap into the complexity and obscurity of the emotions that they feel and to recognize that they exist within a liminal space.

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