Resilience in times of great transition

We’re living in challenging times
we’re living in exciting times
we’re living through a great transition
we’re learning new ways to be
we’re learning new ways to see

As we move through this time, I am focusing my attention on learning to listen more. Listening to my body, listening to my intention, listening to what people need. I am also dancing, drawing, working, making food, planting food, learning more about nature, being in nature, writing, planning, and meditating. And share a quote, a few thoughts and some motivational links with you:

From the O.N.E (Organization of Nature Evolutionaries) website:

While there is much that we do not know, we do know that the Earth has experienced many changes in the past. Nature is intelligent, adaptable, and can guide us through these changes if we are willing to listen. Even if we feel that we are unable to listen, simply spending quiet time in Nature helps to bring calm and clarity, restoring our bodies. When we sit with Nature, we move into the receptive state which encourages creativity and a broader perspective. Here we have access to the more than human world. We become co-creative partners with Nature as we dream, imagine, and visualize our future together, which can inform our choices. Our world is in flux, there are many paths that we can take. The path of respect and partnership with our kin in nature is a potent and unique opportunity for healing and balance.”

Now is a time to rethink your own future…

Is it time to rethink your career, your industry, your offerings, your relationships, your home?

This time of transition is showing us what is truly important. It is showing us where we have slipped up – where we are not resilient, prepared or aware.

How can you use this time to prepare yourself for a future that seem unsure and unpredictable?

Perhaps you can learn new skills. Through online courses, videos or learning sites. How about Coursera courses on ecology, sustainability on Gaia, Permaculture or Off-grid Living

And plant veggies. Use seeds and kitchen scraps from the vegetables you use for cooking!

Take the opportunity to teach your kids skills or lessons that they wouldn’t learn at school. Or simply play with them! Indoor activities | Outdoor activities

Develop your spiritual practice. Start meditating, praying or doing personal ceremonies to honour and celebrate God, the Divine within yourself, the Spirit of the Earth, or any deities/angels/ascended masters/elementals/beings that you feel drawn to.

Practice gratitude – daily make a list of things you are grateful for. Start to see what blessings you already have in your life, rather than focusing on what’s missing. As you become joyful and grateful for what you have, you create the space for more abundance and opportunities to be drawn to you.

Connect with people you care about, but usually don’t have the time to talk to. Phone them, send whatsapp voicenotes, Skype, Zoom… the internet makes us endlessly connected when we focus on the possibilities.

Plan for change – if you’re in an industry or job that (1) can be seen as non-essential, (2) contributes to the destruction of the environment in some way, or (3) doesn’t make you feel fulfilled, passionate and happy, then how can you use your experience and skills to transition into something new? Could you transition to being self-employed or start a new business? Could you start doing your dream job as a part-time gig until you can leave your job? Could you collaborate with someone to create something new? Do you know someone with the resources that you need to start something new? How can you use what you have to create something amazing and new? It’s time to dream, it’s time to be bold!

Gain new perspectives – listen to stories on Green Renaissance, listen without judgement and learn about Intuitive Herbalism, connecting to nature, the spiritual cause for disease, or a completely new perspective on what we perceive or ‘know’ about reality

Inspiring stories for hope

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And… check out The Happy Broadcast for “ANXIETY-FREE NEWS. A counter hate & fear project that features positive thoughts & news from around the world illustrated by @maurogatti

We are creating our reality. We are creating the future.
We are powerful. We are resilient. We are innovative. We are creative. We are sovereign.
We are one.


One God, many faces.
One family, many races.
One truth, many paths.
One heart, many complexions.
One light, many reflections.
One world, many imperfections.
We are all one,
But many

― Suzy Kassem