Reflections on green art

When we talk about ‘green art’ or ‘environmental art’, we’re not talking about a certain style or discipline like ‘impressionism’ ‘surrealism’ or ‘abstract art’. It’s rather much more overarching, and all-encompassing. Environmental, green or eco art can be conceptual, expressionistic, surreal, abstract, super-realistic or any other style of art. It’s not a mere movement, style or trend, even though we easily limit its definition as art made to communicate or support the environmental movement. The ancient artists who created rock art, the Nasca lines and petroglyphs made their art for different reasons than creative expression or beautifying their living spaces – but rather in response to their rituals, everyday life and spiritual practices. Their art responded and were made in dialogue with their surroundings, the environment of which they formed a part of. We are still just as much part of the environment, no matter how much we separate ourselves from what we call ‘nature’ by staying indoors, surrounded by concrete, or by ignoring where our food, water and clothes come from. Art is a response to our experience of our lives and surroundings, and will comment on the state of things.

We are part of nature. Wait, we ARE nature.

innately connected through our blood, cells, tears and breath

to the ecosystems and earth arteries

that gives life to us and our planet

Don’t forget that everything is connected

tug on one strand of the web of life

and you send ripples that reach the other side

of the world or even the universe

When we allow ourselves to be whole and healed

from our hurts, fear and oppression

we can breathe freely, with love and compassion

for other people, animals, plants and our Mother Earth

The source of life is within us, around us, everywhere

we just need to decide to connect

and be revitalized, rebirthed, free

to grow and live with passion and peace

in our hearts, mind and souls

Do yourself a favour and do a google image search for “ana mendieta silueta”

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Here’s a few images from the ‘inspiration’ folder on my computer gives somewhat of an overview of what I consider to be green or eco art: