‘VERGE’ Art Exhibition

10-30 November 2018
The Knysna Gallery, Old Gaol museum complex, Knysna, South Africa

In November 2018 a group of us as artists held an exhibition, VERGE, at the Old Gaol Museum complex, Knysna, in collaboration with the Knysna Art Society and several environmental organisations who offered workshops and talks around biodiversity and the conservation of endangered and vulnerable species. 


As part of the above exhibition we hosted art workshops and presentations by species & biodiversity professionals of the Garden Route. We are planning to coordinate similar learning experiences in future.


One of the long term aims is to set up a project in which artists will create land art and outdoor sculptures from natural materials, and/or waste materials collected from our beaches on the Garden Route to support appreciation for the incredible biodiversity of the area & to encourage conservation involvement and action.

Read more about land art sessions in the Western Cape >>

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