Pre-order your CYCLES 2020 journal by Rachael Amber

“If we cannot control our own tides, then we must learn to flow with them instead of against.”

The Cycles Journal is an illustrated guide, by illustrator and artist Rachael Amber, to tracking your menstrual cycle alongside lunar influence. It is a companion for those who seek to understand themselves better, and uncover patterns within and around to feel more prepared and in-control of their lives. Rather than viewing our cycles are burdensome, we can learn to celebrate the beauty of our own nature.

Rachael Amber’s mission with the journal is to empower us all to hold our cycles as sacred and embrace the flow instead of fight against it as society teaches us to. The journal has space to daily track and journal our symptoms and experiences, and set intentions alongside the moon’s phases. When you use the symptom-tracking charts in the journal it will visually show you the patterns of consistency and intensity that you personally experience with your cycles.

“…this journal is a physical and metaphorical space for us to write in and hold space for ourselves and what we experience each day of our cycles. It’s meant to help us sink deeper into our own bodies’ tides and remind us to prioritize the care and love we deserve. My hopes through this journal is to connect people to themselves, and connect us all deeper to the lunar influence that surrounds us and to one another.

Rachael Amber

The journal will include:

  • Weekly spreads with space for daily symptom tracking & journaling
  • Monthly insight, tips, healing remedies, and inspirational writing (from both myself and contributors!)
  • Monthly calendars to track overview of moon phases, significant cycle dates, and other things that can affect us such as astrology (sun & moon placements) & astronomical happenings (eclipses, solstices, retrogrades, etc)
  • Intention setting/revising per major quarterly moon phase.
  • Space for weekly affirmations
  • Space to record and remember your own favorite rituals
  • Space to record your patterns and how you will prepare for your next predicted menstruating time and when
  • Moon’s exact phase illustrated daily next to chart, for easy comparison
  • Appendix with all basic information and reference materials from the last journal; moon phases, menstrual cycle phases and what each involves, helpful herbs, sustainable menstrual products, steaming tips, and more!)
  • A chart showing moon phase meanings and how to track alongside each
  • A chart showing your own menstrual phases and what each involves
  • Monthly breast and vaginal self-exam reminder
  • New years intentions for 2020 to start the journal

How do you order your copy?

Your pre-order is done through ifundwomen – a crowdfunding platform that focuses on female-identifying entrepreneurs, creators and business-owners. Rachael is also offering beautiful add-on merchandise and art prints, of which I would’ve added ALL of them if I had the money to do so (wink-wink, on my wish-list for my next birthday!). I added stickers and the enamel pin to my journal’s pre-order and SO excited to use the journal in 2020! This could also make a beautiful gift to a teenager, daughter, friend or niece! Find out more or pre-order >>

More about Rachael Amber

Rachael Amber is a Feminist & Environmental Activist, Illustrator & Designer from Philadelphia in the USA, whose work speaks for bigger issues and raises awareness through an illustrative lens.
Instagram @rachael.amber /
Creator of the Cycles Journal