Pledge Nature Reserve: The Reserve with a Beautiful Story

Pledge Nature Reserve has quite the story behind its origin. This reserve is about 10ha and can be found in the heart of Knysna. Showing off the green vegetation, it’s hard to imagine that it was anything but protected and beautiful before. However this land is proof that with hard work, conservation and community, there is hope to successfully rehabilitate an area.

Pledge Nature Reserve’s Rough Start

The now blooming area was once scarred by pollution and harsh treatment. But when the community came together out of worry for their home, things started changing. One of the first official tasks of the reserve was to clear the area of alien vegetation. Thereafter it was to clean the once highly polluted waters that run into the lagoon. Currently, you can find the pools surrounded by indigenous trees.

In the years that followed, new indigenous plant life was introduced to the area, from the rich Cape Floral Region down to the wetlands. The Cape Floral Region boasts a total of 8600 plant species. It is also this particular spot that requires the most attention and management to survive.

Yet vegetation was not the only issue in this devastated area. Animals were also affected. In the 1990’s bird life hovered around 47 species only. In 2016, this number jumped to 90. Other animals can also be found and studied. With Pledge Nature Reserve’s continuous hard work the numbers of species can only stay as strong.

The Work Never Ends

Although the hard work paid off, there is always more to do. After the 2017 fires, the reserve was kept busy fixing trails, rehabilitating and replanting. But not all is bad. With new growth coming in, new species of plants are appearing, but so is the alien species. Their plan for the foreseeable future is to eradicate those alien species that reappeared.

But life is not all work and no play. Pledge Nature Reserve offers guided walks for those who would like to learn more about either the birds, wildlife or plants from a specialist. Or what about a moonlight stroll? You can find out more here.

Pledge Nature Reserve showed that through continuous hard work and with the community’s help, a devastated area can be helped back on it’s feet. All nature needs is care and consideration. This is something Knysna’s nature lovers have plenty of to give.

If you feel their hard work deserves praise, a donation or if you want to become a friend, you can visit their website here. They have plenty of information on the plant and animal life that can be found in their reserve.

Art lovers will be happy to know that VERGE exhibition will donate a percentage of sales made to Pledge Nature Reserve and other organisation. To find out more about VERGE exhibition, visit its website here.