Pigment works by Leli Hoch

Recent art works by Leli Hoch

“As a Conceptual Land Artist I follow the precept of conceptual art in the planning stage, while being informed by the landscape during the execution stage. I often use language, both in nature and in the studio, keeping the process of creating art as simple as possible. This I do close to the natural source of materials by gathering from the landscape and consciously avoiding the use of processed materials. After deciding on how to make my idea visible I often employ a random process in executing the work, allowing the process to further inform the concept while remaining true to the original concept.”

Title: “The Roots are in the Earth”.

I started this project with the idea to combine stories written in the indigenous languages of our country with rubbings of earth which I had gathered in the regions where the language is or was spoken. For the first series I used the /Xam language of the country’s first peoples, the San, and collected samples of earth in the Western Cape and Northern Cape regions where they previously resided and rubbed them on top of the written language. Each story is handwritten on paper. I used as source the original transcript of /Xam by the nineteenth century linguist Lucy Lloyd whose archival records at UCT I was kindly given access to by Prof. Pippa Skotnes.

Title: “Unity in Diversity – !ke e: /xarra //ke”.

My idea was to make an image of the original DNA or identity of our country visible by drawing my own version of the South African coat of arms: “Unity in Diversity”. An enlarged thumb print was created by writing !ke e: /xarra //ke continuously in /Xam and adding rubbings of the very earth that the first peoples of this land walked upon.

– Leli Hoch