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Community workshop sessions that looks at waste in an experiential and practical way:



Another favourite of mine on the same website is the performance art piece ‘Exchange’

“EP_ Exchange is an Environmental Performance that works with the concept of ‘take and give’. It consists in targeting a location where there is quite big amounts of waste, and then, as an attempt to change that landscape, take it and replace it with anything that is organic as an act of redemption. It is encouraged to do it slowly, as a kind of procession, propitious to meditate about the tension between the landscape and the desire that affects our culture, society and politics in a global dimension.

An example of this group is Environmental Performance @liverpool, european capital of culture (image above)

Evidence of this performance can be in the form of photographs or video installation that can be then exhibited. The litter gathered and the video of such performance can be used to make a subsequent Live Art Performance in an indoors venue.” (source)