Natural forms by Keneilwe Mokoena

My work explores the relationship between order and chaos throughout all scales of the universe. The chaotic profusion of the natural world seen in the chaotic structure of tree branches, the structure of my lungs, the veins under my skin, or neural pathways in my brain, is just a shadow of a subtle underlying order, an order which gives life to the tree and myself alive. I think the idea that everything, microcosm to macrocosm, mind and matter, organic and inorganic, is interconnected and interwoven into beautiful patterns created by the forces of nature within and without my control, fascinating and deeply profound. Essentially, I am trying to understand how life works and is constructed in order to understand the deeply embedded relationship between myself as a human being to the natural world in and around myself. It reminds me that regardless of the overwhelming chaos inside and outside myself is fundamentally necessary, and it gives me great solace to understand that my existence is intrinsically connected to everything else in the universe. I’m always trying to strike a balance between order and chaos by creating patterns imbued with simplicity and complexity.”

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