Murmurs of Earth at Art on Avenues, Somerset West

I am awed by the art shown at Art on Avenues, a new gallery in Somerset West. The works I enjoyed the most were artworks by Ronél de Jager and Marnus Havenga – I was at the exhibition due to a newsletter invitation from Ronél and her sculpture is interesting, beautiful and now hangs in one of the dream castles in my mind. The works by Marnus Havenga spoke to my love for the earth, archeology, tribal history as well as my current interest in myths, lost history and extraterrestrial entities.

‘Citizens of Glass VI’, Ronél de Jager, 2017, Copper & Brass electroplated found Karoo flora & wire in hanging glass blown sphere, Jacaranda wood base with glass & brass fittings

Dodecahendron I & II’, Marnus Havenga, Paper and Iron Rust, 2019. ‘International Version’, ‘Pre-Historic Version’ and ‘South African Version’, Marnus Havenga, Plaster, Iron and gold leaf, 2019

The artist’s statement:
“As mirrors of man’s knowledge of Earth and its immediate galaxy, the records on board of Voyager I & II served as hopeful contact with alien life forms. Ironically, they then only included Western Civilization’s perception of itself, and not civilizations (or pre-civilization) as a whole. My interpretation includes an ‘African-Style’ (S.A Emblem) as well as an aged, ‘Pre-Historical” (Rusted) version. Images also refer to the so-called Platonic Solids (Square, Circle, Triangle) as well as the Sonic Geometry (Pentagon, Dodecahedron, etc.) of modern man”

The favourites for my two fellow gallery visitors – both artists themselves – were the works of Kate Schärf, Stephen Rosin, Sarah Walmsley, and Heidi Fourie. Kate and Heidi’s work both for their exquisite detail, skill and beauty – a beautiful combination of traditional aesthetic and contemporary sensibility. Simply beautiful. Stephen’s complex and time-consuming drawings sparked discussion even after we’ve left the gallery. Sarah’s sculptures, even though casted in hard materials, have a softness that beautifully represent the female body. Nina Torr’s finely drawn artworks, and especially the wave, also caught our attention and the light-play of Lothar Böttcher’s work can’t be missed. So in short, a beautiful selection of art by incredibly talented artists. Make sure to go have a look before the 26th of April if you’re in the area!

‘Veins of our existence’, Kate Schärf, Charcoal on Fabriano paper

My two fellow gallery visitors – Adri Bezuidenhout and botanical artist Chris Lochner.