Magda van der Vloed Brings Together Art and Social Connection

Magda van der Vloed is an artists who shows that art is about creativity, social connection and passion without limiting yourself. These three things are closely connected and is shown throughout her artwork and actions.



Summarizing Magda van der Vloed


Magda van der Vloed with a Trophy Head
Magda van der Vloed with one of her trophy heads.


If you want to know Magda van der Vloed, you can learn a lot from her website alone. She says this about herself:


Art is how I nourish my soul, satisfy my curiosity, feed my obsessions, explore my world, share my stories and live my dreams.

Handmade artefacts have always been a fascination for me, regardless of medium… it speaks to me of different lives, different challenges and different aesthetics.

The imaginary journey they send me on, the conversations they have and the passion they evoke within me… these things have been my incentive to reach out, to get involved and to critically engage with the world around me.


Yet you don’t need her to tell you much. Her work speaks for her. As for her life story, it goes something like this. Raised in Jan Kempdorp, Northern Cape, South Africa, she studied Fine Arts in Pretoria’s University of Technology. Her major was ceramics, something she felt allowed her to bring her imagined world into the real world.

She didn’t stop at ceramics. Instead, she took her passion and experience she gained through the years and tried new, innovative ideas. Never afraid to grow, she now uses plenty of different materials other than clay, such as wire, wood, recycled rubber and fish scales. She shows no signs of stopping either. After all this is a passion she had since childhood. Her father’s creative energy influenced, motivated and cultivated her very own passion.




Art and Social Connectivity

Her father’s influence in her life, shows us how interconnected we are. We can inspire others to great lengths, which is exactly what Magda does. Magda offers classes, which allows others to learn the small details of art and allow their experience to find a way to make the art style their own.


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Notably, she actively works with people who have amazing artistic skills, but limitations keeping them back. Impoverished people can often make incredible art, but their limited know-how of current trends and global aesthetics decreases probable sales. By working with them, she brings together their talent with her experience in product development to create a product with a higher chance of sale. Not only is she helping them make a living through their art, but she allows them to connect with their artistic being and each other.


Passion, Creativity and Art

It is clear to see when someone has passion for the art they are making. They put their entire being into whatever they are doing and often branch out. Passion can’t be contained, and therefore it can lead to find new ventures and gain new experiences. Magda van der Vloed has clearly brought together the three words often seen together when speaking about art: passion, creativity and art.

Currently, she has branched out to touch social issues in South Africa through her ceramics. For her, this is experimental work, allowing her to grow, learn and touch others through something new.


To see more of her work, you can visit her website here.