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Just a quick update to share some links that you might find helpful or inspiring

Art and Social Change: How environmental art is transforming a Taiwanese village
Huge site-specific sculptures sit among birds, reeds and muddy water in Taiwan’s 2013 Cheng-Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project.

Toolbox for Educators
Resources for Educators related to environmental art. They range from art projects with educational components to useful organizations and websites. Looking for ideas? Here are a few good places to start.

Welcome to Place
PLACE is a nonprofit organization with a mission baked right into our acronymic name: Projects Linking Art, Community & Environment. We exist to create affordable living and working for people of all income levels and backgrounds within sustainable, mixed-use, transit-oriented communities.

Phillip Ross molds fast growing fungi into mushroom building bricks that are stronger than concrete
Mycologist Philip Ross is seriously into mushrooms, but not as a food — instead, he uses fungi as a building material.

Bernard Pras recreates masterpieces entirely from recycled materials
The French artist recreates classic masterpieces, entirely of recycled materials! Pras’ epic installations portray everyone from Marilyn Monroe to the King of Pop, and he even recreates classic paintings like Dali’s self portrait and “The Scream.”

Allana Beltran Sculpture & installation
“There is no art more beautiful and informative in this world to me than Nature, therefore I feel I am simply a person in service to the greatest of all artists – Nature.
My hope is that my work serves to inspire people to gaze deeply at the wonderment of Nature and let it permeate their being with answers to some of the enigmatic questions we are continuously seeking.”

Diana Thompson’s work
Diana Lynn Thompson is an installation artist who works with ephemeral moments, accumulated objects, collected stories and insertion/intervention strategies, which she documents in video and photographs.

“Voyage of Discovery”
Artwork from the exhibition “Voyage of Discovery” by Jessica Beels, Michele Banks, and Ellyn Weiss at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Mapping the Terrain of Contemporary EcoART Practice and Collaboration, by Beth Carruthers
This essay served as the preliminary document for the Arts & Ecology think tank held in Vancouver in spring, 2006. It explores trends, issues and advances in EcoART collaborations among artists, environmental groups, communities and scientists. Beyond this, it considers suggestions for the future of such collaborations, including how this work might be better supported.

Eco Art Space
Also check out the S.O.S Action guide, the second of ten art and ecology learning guides presenting replicable social practice art projects.

Maintenance of Eco-Art Restoration Projects by Mary Arnold
Mary Arnold, Executive Director of the Teaneck Creek Conservancy Area of Overpeck Park, New Jersey, USA shares some thoughts about the value of including artists in projects and techniques for creating more successful and sustainable projects.

Afristar Foundation
Afristar Foundation is a public benefit organisation that develops projects and strategies promoting Green Futures centered on a nature-based economy. We do this by advocating for, and creating, ‘green’ sustainable projects and developing multimedia educational resources.

Women Eco Artists Dialog
WEAD is a a pioneering network of feminist eco­artists, educators, curators, and writers working toward the goal of a just and healthy world. We focus on women’s unique perspective in ecological and social justice art.

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