Artist Spotlight: Lili Pobornikova’s Sculptures Return to Basic Materials

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Lili Pobornikova shows us what we can do with what nature gives us. If you watch survival programs, you would most probably have heard this before, “Work with what you have available to you”. To say the truth, you probably don’t need to watch survival programs to hear that saying.¬†Lili Pobornikova’s work takes you back to that saying, without any of the drag. Her work has the ability to make you want to be in nature.


Lili Pobornikova’s Basic Materials: Stone and Wood

Lili’s stonework ranges from almost primitive in likeness to modern designs.

Yet, there is no mistake that she chose her material with great care to create the design she had in mind.

Lili Pobornikova has a range of different wood sculptures. These portray her knowledge of and confidence in wood as a base material.


Lili Pobornikova Ice and Snow Sculptures

In some of her work, she doesn’t just return to the basic materials, but also the the basic shapes.


Snow Ball


Whereas some of her other work imitates nature’s basics. Who wants to build a snowman, when you can build a snow mushroom.


Snow Mushroom


Lili Pobornikova’s ice and snow work can be either an inside or outside feature. Or it can completely become the inside and create a building seemingly from a fantasy movie.


Lili Pobornikova's Snow Building

Ice tentacles


Fire and Sand Land Art

Lili Pobornikova doesn’t stop with ice and snow. Instead she balances out with the opposing forces of nature, fire and sand. Her land art hold true to the calm, smooth lines of her artworks. She uses curves and circles, creating a peaceful setting wherever her work finds itself.

Sometimes it can be good to return to the basics and work with what you have. You can not only learn much about the material, but also create harmony wherever you go. The secret is to make the basic your own. If you would like to see more from Lili Pobornikova, you can visit her website here.