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There are countless ways to make your everyday life more meaningful, more compassionate and more in tune with nature. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s time and space to make changes because our lives are already so busy and full. So one of the first things to do is:

Simplify, Reduce, Prioritize and make space!

Be honest about what’s most important in your life and get rid of the things that don’t enrich your life. Make space in your home and in your schedule so you are able to live a more fulfilled life, doing things that make you feel happy and in harmony with yourself and nature. Here’s some guidelines, tips and great links to get you going:

  • Following the guidance provided by these two blogs alone will get and keep you on track: Zen Habits & Becoming Minimlist
  • Choose 5 things every Monday to give away, recycle or recreate into something new.
  • Write down the 5 most important things in your life. When you’re choosing what to do, or when an opportunity comes your way that you don’t immediately feel excited about ask this question: ‘Does this align with what’s the most important to me?’ This question could help you to rather spend time with your loved ones than working on a project or favour that you’re not excited about.
  • When you’re tempted to buy something that’s not on your grocery list, ask: “Do I really need this? Does it enrich my life enough to justify its cost and the space it will occupy? Will it enrich my life? Could I live happily without it?” You’ll be surprised at how often you’ll realise that you could rather save the money for a holiday than to buy the item.
  • Also… stop wasting food! Only buy what you’ll use and make the right portions so you don’t end up throwing away food.
  • More? 21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life
  • …and I absolutely love to read the quirky, simple and helpful updates by Trash is for Tossers

Nourish your body, mind & spirit

Spend more time on things that truly nourish your body, mind and soul. You’ll find that you’ll buy less useless things, you’ll eat less food that are harmful to health, animals and the planet, and you’ll feel more content and able to make a difference in the world in the way that you’re best gifted to do.

Using less animal products are not only good for the environment and kinder to animals, it’s also healthier for your body, your conscience and your soul! Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just eat consciously and as less meat and animal products as possible, you are making a huge difference through your daily choices.

Where to find great recipes:

  • The Minimalist Baker has simple, delicious recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare.

Make informed and inspired choices

Don’t just go with the flow and follow conventions if you don’t really feel comfortable with them.

  • Educate yourself about things that matter.
  • Know where your food, your water, your clothes come from. Buy better if you can.
  • If you don’t want kids, don’t get them! I’m adding this one because my husband and I made this decision. It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your entire life, so don’t just follow the masses and society’s unwritten rules. Think about it and be honest with yourself. You have a choice. Check out We’re {not} having a baby
  • Read (and apply the advice of) these articles:
    7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People | 5 Life-Changing Decisions You Can Make Today

Support what you believe in

Spend your money where it matters. If you love animals, don’t buy products that rely on the exploitation and abuse of animals. If you have some extra money that you don’t have to save towards your life dream, donate it to a cause that means a lot to you. Buy organic and locally produced food whenever you can. We’ll see more of the things we want to see when we support them enough so they can grow!

Where to buy organic food

Where to buy cruelty-free cosmetics & products

  • VeganSA has a directory of nation-wide shops

Where to go to eat vegan & vegetarian food

Who to donate to

There are LOADS of charities, NGOs and volutary groups that needs support. Have a look at your local community and support a cause. Otherwise go to GivenGain or support one of these great organizations:

Or save some money… here’s 56 Things to do instead of spending money and 25 free date ideas that don’t suck

Spend your time wisely

Want to live a healthy, happy lifestyle? Then spend your time doing the things that support the lifestyle you want. Make sure that you have fun and unwind after all your hard work and errands… Challenge yourself and do things that make you smile.

Create systems that support a greener lifestyle

Make it easy for yourself to get into the habit and keep going. Want to drink more fresh veggie juices? Put your blender in an easy and ready position in your kitchen with a bowl of veggies and fruits next to it. Want to recycle? Get or make a container for recyclables and set up a collection service or a drop-off day if your city council doesn’t pick up recyclables as part of their service (Cape Town depots / recycle with Clearer Conscience).

And go to if you want inspiration and resources to get off the grid and build a self sustaining life.

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