Land art – also called Earth art, environmental art, or nature art – involves the use of local natural materials such as soil, leaves, sand, or rock to create artistic expressions in outdoor spaces. The focus is often on having a dialogue with the site or natural elements, and the art itself being temporary – the artwork is destroyed by the wind, incoming tide or by animals, and thus the artwork lives on in the mind of the artist(s) or as a photo, video or sketch.

Explore your creativity and experience the abundance & beauty of our planet and landscapes.

Not only do we not leave a lasting impact on the site, but this way of creating art also emphasizes the impermanence and flux of life – putting into focus how fragile and temporary our lives are in relation to geological time, even though we tend to strive so hard for longevity and eternal youth.

Outdoor sessions to explore & experience deeper connection.

Contact me about facilitating workshops for groups – which could include school kids, students, colleagues, friends or spiritual groups – as immersive experiences in which participants connect to the elements, the place we’ve chosen for the session, and then start to have a sensitive dialogue with the land – creating artistic expressions either individually or collectively.

“This is a must do experience if you love the outdoors and are visiting Wilderness. Janet makes you feel really at ease, and the entire experience is one big reconnection with nature. We’ll be doing this again next time we’re in the area”

Mahendran, Cape Town, South Africa

Regular collaborative Land Art gatherings: Cape Land Art

Join us as a group of artists who meets monthly in different places in the Western Cape to create site-specific art. The aim is to create and hold a space where larger collaborative projects can grow – and creative symbiotic relationships created – in a way that could contribute positively to society, the urban environment or our understanding of our role and place within ecology. It is an open forum for artists and enthusiasts interested in Land Art and related forms of expression.

Cape Town
In the Cape Town area, the gatherings are coordinated by Janet Ranson.

Garden Route
On the Garden Route the gatherings are coordinated by me.

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