Knysna Basin Project Forms the Heart of Knysna Conservation

It’s easy to fall in love with Knysna’s ferns, lush forest and fantastic ocean views. But it is also easy to forget about the conservation efforts that help keep it this way. Knysna Basin Project can be seen at the heart of it all, as they connect all the important parts and keep it alive.

The Knysna Basin Project Link

Knysna Basin Project understands the undeniable link between conservation and education. However it doesn’t stop there. After all, the body has more than one limb. In fact, the body needs many things before it is balanced. This same delicate balance also exists in nature. Because of the need to bring nature into harmony with humans and itself, Knysna Basin Project works hard to conserve not only Knysna’s estuary, but also the forest, saltmarsh and wetland.

Although Knysna Basin Project is scientifically driven in their work, they know science alone can’t win the battle. We can conserve with all the right data, but as long as the unaware population do (often unintentional) harm, conservation efforts are less effective. For this reason they don’t solely cling to their research, but also reach out to the community through distinctive education.

Passionate Education from the Heart

The word “education” can often induce sudden sleepiness, but Knysna Basin Project made sure that their events are passion-driven activities in the very place they want to protect. What a better way to learn than through seeing, feeling and understanding nature in a personal way. Instead of long talks, they focus on instilling the special love for nature that they have in others. It is this love that would move people to action after all.

If you have enough love for nature to make a move, you can join VERGE exhibition’s events:

The Knysna Basin Project: conservation in action, by Dr. Louw Claassens
November 15, 1 pm – 2 pm
Entrance by donation.
Read more here.
South Africa’s endangered syngnathids – our iconic sea monsters, by Dr. Louw Claassens (director of the Knysna Basin Project)
November 30, 3 pm – 4 pm
Entrance by donation.
Read more here

You can read more about Knysna Basin Project’s continuous work on their website.