Artist Spotlight: Katharina Forster Artworks of Insight

Katharina Forster brings a new meaning to “another man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Her artwork offers us insight into complicated matters, from personal emotions we as humans often deal with to mindfulness of nature, by using discarded items. Persistence (her 2015 collection) focuses in particular on the relationship between us and our environment.


Katharina Forster Persistance Black



Katharina Forster

Katharina Forster has an interesting path behind her, which made her the artist she is today. We are molded and changed by the events in our lives. Born in Germany in 1979, Katharina wasted no time in pursuing art. Katharina studied in Cape Town, South Africa, at the Ruth Prowse School of Art and received a diploma with distinction. Today, she lives in Germany.



The Complexities of the Mundane

Through a unique voice, Katharina evokes clear messages to viewers. Her works are solid, yet often delicate. Further, the choice of material is often strange, yet they are items we know well. These items, familiar as they are, are able to bring a new vision and meaning to us. Although the materials are mundane items, the messages are complex. Within her work she places mindfulness and appreciation, while offering the viewer new perspectives on “mundane” ideas. This new perspective allows the viewer to grow in insight.


Katharina Forster Persistance Gold


After all, shouldn’t we look at the world though open-minded eyes in order to learn more? Katharina’s artwork enables us to do exactly this. We can see the mundane, whether that is our personal, complex problems or our relationships with one another, in a unique, new way. Through strong, solid and known materials, we feel more eager to trust in the messages we receive. However, the question is what you will do once you receive the message.


“Found, colourful material, disposed of any function, are used in Katharina’s work in the same way as other artists use pigments for paintings or stone and wood for sculptures. Through her unique combination of this discarded material she creates new forms and associations, asking the viewer to question the relationship between humans and their surrounding environment.” ~ Katharina Forster



Katharina Forster Persistance Green


Perhaps we should think of life in the same way as Katharina does when she chooses her materials. Sometimes we are thrown into a situation that seems so frightfully wrong, but with a few well-thought out tweaks, the situation can turn beautiful and even inspiring. Instead of deciding something won’t work, change your perspective and see how your insight deepens.

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