Heather Green’s ‘My Tree’ & your invitation to plant a tree..

“An idea arrived to encourage everyone to plant a tree specifically for his or her own life
(or on the birth of a child) in gratitude to the earth, Gaia, who supports and nourishes us daily.
A tree is one of her greatest gifts. Please be sure it is cared for.

( This idea drifted my way many years after my soul mate’s death.)

I planted a tree in my garden.
For Ian I dug a hole in a corner-
For Ian who died too soon.
I planted a ‘thuja” for his life.
I forgot to plant one for mine.”

– Heather Green
Mixed media on paper. 900mm x 640mm.


by Heather Green

This sacred tree I plant for my life –
For all it offers me –
Shade and protection, and so much more.
She offers me rest, the fruit of my health,
Growing in beauty each day, whispering her secrets –
The healing power of her leaves, her bark, her roots –
Of the Light filtering through her leaves
Until they fall to compost new growth.

I AM your tree,
Giving you life with my breath,
The burst of my blossoms in springtime
As your children play in my branches,
Enthralled by the home I offer to all,
I give you the fragrance of my fruit,
My oil for your hair and your health,
Wood for building your boats and homes.
In ageless wisdom do I stand tall
Until I am felled for your coffin
And Mine,
For I AM your very Life
As I AM Mine.
Do the deed and plant my seed
Once I have fallen
So our story continues –
Yours, and Mine.

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