(Green)popping trees into the soil

This past weekend I was super happy and honoured to be part of the 10th Reforest Festival by Greenpop. Together we planted 5490 trees in one day! The rest of the weekend we listened to incredible music, we hopped up and down as part of the Wacky Wakeup, and connected to the earth through intention, sharing and being fully in the moment. Wonderful food, great company and informative workshops contributed to making this a full-rounded event that offered something for everyone! Compost toilets, washing stations so we could wash up our reusable cutlery and utensils and clearly-marked recycle stations (not to mention the eco-brick drive that ensures that all our waste is used constrcutively!) makes this a festival to go onto the list of greenest events, if not right at the top of the list. For Earth Hour we switched off the generators & microphones and you could either follow the onstage candle-lit programme, chat around the firepits, or as we have done – strolled to the old Milkwood tree to enjoy some sacred silent moments under this 1000-old tree!


I intentionally decided not to bring my camera, and to keep my phone switched off. Instead of doing my usual photographing – filtering each moment as a possible snapshot – I allowed myself to fully experience the festival. Doing, rather than documenting. As such, I have no photos to upload, but rather share some of my favourite photographs by fellow “festy” Fiona Hinds: