Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) 2017: Leli Hoch

By Leli Hoch

The Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) 2017, initiated 2013 by Yatoo, Korea, took place in Europe after having toured South Africa in 2016, India in 2015 and Korea in 2014. Starting in July 2017 invited artists have created land art installations for two weeks each in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Germany, France, Lithuania and Turkey. I was one of the lucky ones to had been invited to join GNAP in Hungary (with Anni Snyman, SA) and Germany (with Kim Goodwin, SA). In each country 12-15 international artists are hosted and meet ca. 10 local artists and work side by side with them for 10 days, after which an exhibition of the art works is prepared and shown.

It was a huge privilege to meet and work with so many well known land artists from different cultures and countries and with very different personalities. I learned a lot from each and everyone, but who impressed me most was Eung Woo Ri, director and main organizer of GNAP, with his subtle, humble approach to nature art, full of love and with a good sense of humour.

The installations I created in Darmstadt/Germany: