Environmentalism a daily practice for everyone

“Based on its history, it is understandable that environmentalism may be seen as a movement reserved for a privileged minority. However, today, it should be a daily practice for everyone, not only the dark greenies who build their own off-the-grid tiny homes (huge high-five if that’s you though), but also the green yuppies who eat avo on toast, the green grannies who love their gardens, and the light greenies who are boss at separating their recycling. It should be for the activists fighting for social justice and for the CEOs looking to sustainably grow their businesses into the future. It should be for everyone, every day, regardless of income, race, gender, or nationality.

Just imagine a world in which everyone understood the beauty and precariousness of life on this planet, and was empowered to consistently contribute in their own way towards a thriving future. The time has come to make that dream a reality.”

Zoë at Greenpop