DIY – An exhibition of South African art, design and ingenuity

Clothes-peg spectacle arm
My daughter when she was 18 months old was sitting on my lap at my desk when she grabbed my glasses and viciously twisted them while smiling at me, breaking off the arm and bending it to such angle as to render it useless. She was into pegs at the time and had a few pegged to her dress. We entered into a negotiation which culminated in the deal – an arm for a peg.
– Eddie Edwards, Johannesburg 2014 

DIY is an exhibition and online archive collecting together examples of functional objects from South Africa made by professionals and amateurs. Tools and technologies might be made to solve an immediate need, but they also tell stories – about the person who made them, or the situation they’re responding to. The exhibition looks to objects as a story-telling medium, drawing on approaches from interventionist art, critical design, and amateur production.

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