Climate Change….And A Girl’s Hope For The Future – Poem by MaryLisa Russo

Climate change
Is just that…
A change
From one spectrum
To the another

A change….
Affecting every living thing
The atmosphere
The water
The food
The air
And weaving it’s adverse effects
All around us

This change…
It should not be ignored
It should not be mocked
It should be met head on
Taken seriously
Slyly dissected in order
To mend
To improve
To preserve
To protect

I want to die-
And leave behind
Fresh air, clean water, 
Healthy, unspoiled soil
So much brilliant green
That it illuminates the sky
And land with a crystallized
Emerald sheen

I want this…
Is it just
An unattainable dream…
Or can it be a reality? 
If it is a dream
Well then
I hope to ‘change’ it
To be….

Somebody pinch me. 

-MaryLisa Russo