Chalking about a Vegan Revolution

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image-4It’s only natural, once we become aware of the horrible injustices humans thrust upon our fellow earthlings, that we then want to get active and do something about it. But what’s a vegan to do, what is accessible to all, fun and effective enough to reach the masses? Let’s talk about a vegan chalk revolution!

Plagued by the question of what more he could be doing to help animals in his everyday life, James DeAlto started laying down some peaceful vegan messages on the footpaths while walking his dogs. To his surprise, he got a great response from non-vegan neighbors as well as the chalk drawing photos he posted on social media. It wasn’t long before his friends caught the chalk bug and started chalking together. James then developed the idea of the Vegan Chalk Challenge (VCC) to encourage other vegans to spread the word…

As I see it, talk is cheap but chalk is cheaper and it does the talking for you, potentially reaching thousands of people both directly and indirectly with the help of social media. It doesn’t matter whether you’re nine or ninety, you can participate at any age, and the world is your canvas…

Chalking or chalktivism can be done by anyone, any time and pretty much anywhere. Most other forms of effective activism require a fair bit of prep, equipment and usually an organized group of people. Whilst chalking in a group is a lot more fun, you can totally rock it solo and easily fit it into your daily routine.
Chalking really breaks down all these barriers and society’s anti-social boundaries by injecting color, art and surprise into the (usually) mundane everyday. It has a certain innocent whimsy that infects anyone who sees it, bringing that forgotten inner child sparkle back to adults’ eyes. People stumble upon the bright colors on the pavement and just start smiling. Kids absolutely love it, always want to join in and engage their parents to help them read explain it.

The goal: to color paths with compassionate, educational and inspiring messages that ignite critical thinking and break down the walls of cognitive dissonance by the public, a public which already agrees with the core principles of veganism but just needs a little help recognizing it.

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