Centre for Alterity Studies (CFAS)

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The Centre for Alterity Studies (CFAS) is a resource for the work of an international network of artists and researchers with interests in non-human otherness, encompassing animal, plant and mineral alterity. ON CONSCIOUSNESS: CALL FOR WORK The Centre for Alterity Studies is looking for … Continued

A poem from The Fool’s Journey by Maria Cronjé

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And she said:There is a softening that happensin growing and becomingolder. I don’t see my reflection everywheremade of fragments and glassthere is a fleshiness stretched over my bonesa softness. And yet, there is tension there – or something else.A density, like a … Continued

Climate Change….And A Girl’s Hope For The Future – Poem by MaryLisa Russo

Climate changeIs just that…A changeFrom one spectrumTo the another A change….Affecting every living thingThe atmosphereThe waterThe foodThe airInterconnectingAnd weaving it’s adverse effectsAll around us This change…It should not be ignoredIt should not be mockedIt should be met head onTaken seriouslySlyly … Continued

HUSH HARE, by Heather Green

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Between nothing and something, Where the world holds its breath, Lies the fallow land of hope – Tenuous, uncertain as a hare on the chase, Drawing in the breath – A deep gulley incised by the brave. Hush, hare, run … Continued

WASTE, by Heather Green

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Human energy misdirected; Pollution tells the story Of man’s thrice rejected soul. Dumps of plastic tell of power Thrusting deep into the land Where virgin springs no longer flow. Thrice denied brings home glory For the soul struggling to breathe … Continued

THE SOUL’S LONGING, By Heather Green

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My soul longs for the silence of the desert, The quiet words of sand shifting slowly, Dune into dune, Completing the picture perfect – Absence of man’s mind, Stirring like a drone of bees, Humped one upon the other, Buzzing, … Continued

FOR TREES, By Heather Green

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You stand sentinel to man’s longing – Pressures of life lifted by yours. Your time must come, indeed, When all Life will mourn your passing – The passing of greatness unequalled on earth, For you, trees, are our guardians Though … Continued