Breton Blue Trust Collaborates for All Lepidoptera Conservation

We already know that together we are stronger. But Breton Blue Trust knew this from the start. Collaborating with organisations such as Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa (LSA), Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) and CapeNature (CN), allowed them to become what they are today.

Brenton Blue Trust

Breton Blue Butterfly Rescue Plan

Their first campaign, aimed at saving the Breton Blue butterfly started in 1994. It was only after Edge (the Special Nature Reserve’s Environmental Management Plan) was introduced in 2008 that they felt the Breton Blue is safe and adopted a broader focus.

Although the Breton Blue butterfly is their beginning, they also see the importance of all lepidoptera (moths and butterflies). For them it’s both the scientific importance and the human’s need for the beauty they bring that drive them forward. Not limiting themselves have allowed another conservation plan, COREL, in collaboration with LSA. However, this time the conservation plan is meant for more than one species of butterfly.

Your Opportunity to Hear from Breton Blue Trust

Still to this day Breton Blue Trust do not waver the chance to join with other like-minded organisations, individuals or events. As such, VERGE exhibition is thrilled to welcome Dr. Dave Edge from Breton Blue Trust on November the 30th for a presentation on the Breton Blue butterfly from 2 pm to 3 pm.

After the 2017 Garden Route fire, the Breton Blue butterfly might be in trouble once again. To find out what happened to South Africa’s rare butterfly make sure you don’t miss this talk. Entrance is R25. All proceeds will go to their work to help all butterflies and moths in their struggles. For more information on VERGE exhibition, go to

If you are touched by Breton Blue Trust’s hard work and want to support them, go here. Or you can read more about them and their work on their website.