Planting the Rain to Grow Abundance, Brad Lancaster at TEDxTucson

Do you have any idea of what amazing things would be possible if you could see, and partner with, the unseen natural abundance around you? Problems transform into solutions, and previously unimagined wonders of life emerge. Brad shares the inspiring … Continued

A poem from The Fool’s Journey by Maria Cronjé

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And she said:There is a softening that happensin growing and becomingolder. I don’t see my reflection everywheremade of fragments and glassthere is a fleshiness stretched over my bonesa softness. And yet, there is tension there – or something else.A density, like a … Continued

The Freedom Gallery project

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I have been wanting to share a post about the Freedom Gallery and in their latest newsletter, I’ve been given the perfect summary to share: The Freedom Gallery project started in Spring of 2018 in Pretoria. A team of five … Continued

Organisations focus: Living Lands

Want to support an organisation through donating a percentage of your sales? Living Lands is an organisation of which I’ve been able to meet some of the committed and inspiring staff, and I believe the work they do is valuable … Continued

Climate Change….And A Girl’s Hope For The Future – Poem by MaryLisa Russo

Climate changeIs just that…A changeFrom one spectrumTo the another A change….Affecting every living thingThe atmosphereThe waterThe foodThe airInterconnectingAnd weaving it’s adverse effectsAll around us This change…It should not be ignoredIt should not be mockedIt should be met head onTaken seriouslySlyly … Continued

Artist feature: Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson is a multi-media artist known predominantly for her meditative work intercepting the plastic waste stream. Her practice is about shifting negative trajectories. Her work formally references recurring nightmares that she had as a child which she hybridizes with … Continued

Coursera courses on ecology

Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects. Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation Instructor: Ana Luz … Continued

Land art in Knysna and George

During February 2019 Janet Botes facilitated two land art sessions on the Garden Route: Sunday Land Art gathering. 10 February 2019.Site: Pledge Nature Reserve, South Africa. Participants: Nanna Joubert, Koerina Deacon, Petra Bongartz, Ingrid Nuss, Janet Botes, Roz Schubert, Sylvia … Continued

Scientific Illustrations by Rachel Ignotofsky

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Fabulously quirky, contemporary illustrations by Rachel Ignotofsky makes learning about biology, ecosystems and bodily functions easy and fun. I have fallen in LOVE with her work. Here’s two examples of her work, by have a look at her website … Continued