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Greenpop has a wonderful newsletter called The Active Citizen, and it expresses quite clearly how we can make a difference. In the latest newsletter:




Stop Reading It, Start Doing It!

Don’t just read the Active Citizen, become an active citizen. This month, we’re encouraging all of our readers (pss – that’s YOU) to get out and get active for the environment!

Our most recent campaign releases one new way to fundraise and get active for the trees each day! But, you don’t need to start a campaign with us to get active for the environment. Check out these simple steps to help you be on your way to becoming a truly active (not anxious) citizen for the planet!

  1. Be a conscious consumer
    • Checking labels is the first step towards becoming a conscious consumer. Try and buy local products that are ethically sourced and check if your products are organic or fair trade certified.
  2. Observe the 3 R’s
    • Reduce – don’t buy what you don’t need and be conscious of the resources you are using. Reuse – try and give new life to everything by finding a new purpose for it instead of throwing it away. Recycle – sort out your recyclables (plastic, glass, cardboard, etc.) from your trash & take it to a recycling centre.
  3. Speak for the environment
    • Don’t just sit idly by when you see people mistreating the environment. Educate your family and friends about why they should care for their planet. The trees don’t have a voice, so lend them yours!
  4. Plant a tree
    • Speaking of trees, if you really want to be an active citizen, get digging! By planting a tree you can beautify your community, clean the air, prevent soil erosion and create habitats and homes for a variety of creatures!

Each newsletter also shares links to various posts and articles to inspire you to become more active as a citizen.

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