Artist Spotlight: Lim Zhi Wei’s Petal Art

Petal art takes what is already beautiful and turns it into an artwork. Lim Zhi Wei’s work is soft and elegant with a story behind the placed petals, as emotions seem to radiate through the chosen colours and flowers. Even though her work is made up through petal layers of intricate design, it manages to stay simple and clean. Her work is beautiful, but it can also teach us a valuable lesson about art materials.




Lim Zhi Wei Equals Limzy


Lim Zhi Wei encourages the use of her nickname, Limzy. She introduces herself in a friendly manner on her website, offering fans a glimpse at the person behind the graceful artworks. Limzy is a Malaysian visual artist living in Singapore. She studied fine arts at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore (NAFA) where she graduated in 2011.

As all artist should, Limzy never stops learning and experimenting. Her Instagram (@lovelimzy) is always busy with her newest creations, whether it is something small or a big project. Further she never limits herself and her abilities. Therefore her portfolio offers a wide variety of artworks with different and sometimes unusual materials.


last four_petals leaves and soil


You can view her Instagram here and her blog here.


Something Valuable


mid autumn rose bunnies


It might not be true for all people, but some of us need to find special value in the artwork we look at. When looking at these artwork, we can take a valuable lesson about art with us. Art is not something you can only find in something complicated. Neither is it about using the most expensive, state of the art tools of the trade. Instead art is using what you have available to you and making something meaningful with it. Art is also about finding your own style and going with it. Sometimes we only need a handful of natural materials to express ourselves.

What is your style? What is your favourite materials to work with?

2 Responses

  1. Janet

    Very cool. And very true! I actually really love working with soil, or mud. And with thorns, twigs and leaves. Art is all around us, and the possibilities for artmaking are absolutely endless…

    • Willowseed

      Those are fantastic materials to work with! Not only are you using environmentally friendly materials for your artwork, but you are also allowing yourself to “tune in” with nature.