Art-Insects by Retha Buitendach

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Retha Buitendach creates extraordinary new Art-Insects, inspired by the beauty and diversity of the two million known insect species in the world.

Many insects camouflage themselves as dead leaves to evade predation. Retha starts with dead leaves, sticks, pods and seeds and brings new creatures into existence. She also creates hybrid creatures incorporating recycled computer parts and found objects. These fantasy insects are very nearly real insects, and so each warrants a faux Latin as well as a common name.

LEFTLadybird drones (Cimex-novus lunata), the family way
Assemblage of found objects, 32 x 43 cm
Leaf: Circuit board
Ladybirds – Bodies : Unknown black seedpods, Computer bits
Head: Cellphone cables. Eyes: Abrus precatorius seeds
Feelers: Mackaya bella seed cases
Legs: Porcupine quills, Computer bits, Small tacks
Larvae – Computer bits, Crassula stems, Toenails of a raptor

RIGHT: Cyborg sundowner Dragonfly ( Draco intoxicates),
Assemblage of found objects, 47 x 47 cm 
Head: Crassula stem, Cellphone speakers, Erythrina seeds,
Computer bits, Reedstock
Body: Computer bits, Beer bottle tops, Palm stems,
Baobab flower sheaths, Electrical wire
Wings: Sanseviera leaves, Circuit board, Electrical wire
Legs: Acacia twigs

LEFT: African Cross-bones moth (Calvaria-volare africana)
Assemblage of found objects, 47 x 57 cm
Head: Rock cod skull. Feelers: Aloe leaves
Eyes: Snuff box tree pod (Oncoba spinosa)
Body: Bones, Delonix regia pod, Unknown bulb casing, Cotton tree pod (Ceiba speciosa), Moreton Bay Chestnut pod (Castanospermum
Wings: Guinea fowl feathers, Bones, Aloe leaves, Feather duster tree pods (Schizolobium excelsum)

MIDDLE: Bab-head Cicada (Cicadetta baobabensis)
Assemblage of found objects, 37 x 47 cm
Head: Baobab pod (Adansonia digitata), Dung beetle legs
Eyes: Acorn pod bracts, Erythrina seeds
Body: Brachychiton populous pods, Sausage tree pod (Kigelia Africana), Tortoise shell
Wings: Prickly pear leaves. Legs: Grass stalks

RIGHT: Horn-pod Katydid (Phytomimesia silvaticus)
Assemblage of found objects, 37 x 47 cm
Head: Corymbia calophylla pod, Cocklebur seeds
Eyes: Tiger’s eye stones. Feelers: Pine twigs
Body: Horn-pod tree pods (Diplorynchus condylocarpon), Devil’s thorn seedpods ( Dicerocaryum eriocarpum), Black reedstock, Unidentified woody bits
Legs: Camphor twigs, Horn-pod tree pods