Activists protest deaths caused by Eskom’s air pollution

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Activists from Greenpeace Africa scaled iconic statues across Johannesburg and Pretoria to demand action on air pollution. The activists fitted the statues with emergency gas masks to pressure the National Air Quality Officer to protect citizens’ right to clean air. Greenpeace activists chained themselves to the entrance of Megawatt Park, Eskom’s headquarters in Johannesburg, to protest Eskom’s unwillingness to massively invest in renewable energy, and their continued addiction to coal.

“There are effective alternatives to coal, but there is no substitute for water” – Melita Steele.

Take action for water rights for South Africans by signing this petition:

In 2013 Eskom was also up for ‘worst corporation award’ when they applied for two-thirds of its coal-fired power stations to be exempt from and/or postpone complying with the law on air pollution standards (minimum emission standards) put in place to protect people’s health.

For more information also read this Engineering News article that mentions Eskom’s application for wide-ranging postponements and suspensions from our country’s Minimum Emission Standards (MES) that would allow it to operate its existing fleet without rudimentary controls for sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOX) and mercury.