A Nourishing farm visit

I am so blessed to live in an incredibly beautiful part of our country, and also in an area where I can access organic vegetables – delivered at the local chocolate shop, collected from a local garden market or bought at one of our farmer’s markets. In this post I’m specifically referring to the vegetables and sprouts that are delivered to our local chocolate shop. Vegetables, sprouts and homemade produce from Misty Mountain farm in Wilderness, on the Garden Route area of South Africa.

I visited the farm last week and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of biodiversity of the farm, how neatly everything is maintained, the lichen growing on the ropes of the tunnel, and the incredible amount of elbow grease, sweat, love and effort that goes into the growing of the vegetables, the sprouting of seeds and micro-greens, homemade compost, and crop rotation. Everything runs as part of the system and in harmony with everything else. Runoff water from the sprouting station flows to the crops, the sun powers fans and pumps, and the irrigation system is set up to ensure least waste possible.

And at the very same time Kobus and Lynette is humble, honest and admits how they are always learning and exploring new ways of improving the way they do things. And of course this way of growing food, of working in collaboration with nature (instead of trying to control it), comes with its challenges and lessons. And one keeps going, learning, evolving. The deliveries for the locals that I talk about above is only a small part of this story – Misty Mountain produces vegetables, sprouts and chutney to local restaurants, fruit & veg shops and Food Co. in George.

In all ways my visit to their farm was nourishing, beautiful and it gives me hope that the future of agriculture really is right in our own backyards!

What can you do?

Buy organic!

If you’re based in Wilderness, George or Sedgefield, get Lynette’s number from me (just contact me) to start ordering your organic produce from them. If not here, go find your local organic farm and where they deliver their produce – whether it’s a box delivery scheme, a farmers market, or a co-op.