A little reading list

I thought I’d share some interesting articles I came across recently. Happy reading!

Earth Was a Very Different Place Before Mud

A great mud boom 400 million years ago changed features such as the shape of rivers and the planet’s biodiversity.

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Where Bias Begins: The Truth About Stereotypes

Stereotyping is not limited to those who are biased. We all use stereotypes all the time. They are a kind of mental shortcut.

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Towards a regenerative economy

Ultimately, we need to transform finance and shift the flow of investment capital to perpetuate a Regenerative Economy that serves humanity and is a steward of Earth’s ecosystems. […] The transition to a Regenerative Economy is about seeing the world in a different way — a shift to an ecological world view in which nature is the model. The regenerative process that defines thriving, living systems must define the economic system itself.

— John Fullerton & Hunter Lovins (2013)

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The Conspiracy Myth, by Charles Eisenstein

…Sometimes the term is deployed against anyone who questions authority, dissents from dominant paradigms, or thinks that hidden interests influence our leading institutions. As such, it is a way to quash dissent and bully those trying to stand up to abuses of power… 

What is it that makes the vast majority of humanity comply with a system that drives Earth and humankind to ruin? What power has us in its grip? It isn’t just the conspiracy theorists who are captive to a mythology. Society at large is too. 

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9 Things I’ve Learned About Self Love

the diary of an empath

Showing up to write this blog and share my experience as an empath has been monumental in my ability to accept myself.

It’s a big statement, but I no longer compare myself or worry I’m not good enough. It wasn’t always this way, though, I’ve spent the majority of my life feeling very insecure and unsure about who I was and whether or not I was good enough. True acceptance is at the heart of self-love and self-love is at the heart of a healthy, happy life…

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