9 Angels – a fellow-ship that sails ahead in what a conscious business should be

The delicious vegan buffet works like this: dish your food, keeping tabs of what you are putting into your plate. Calculate what you are eating (measured per dishing spoon or as two pieces of tofu for example), and then place the money in the money jar. Eat, enjoy and then wash your own dish and cutlery. Simple and effective! And delicious!!

I am not sharing this restaurant as a travel snippet, but rather for their commitment to doing business in a new way, where collaboration, community and love are their biggest aims. This is their description form their Facebook page:

Following the success of their other restaurant 9 Warung, whose success is based on community support, they want to give something back to the community by bringing this concept to the next level. They call this project “THE ACT OF LOVE”. 9 Angels is a place where you can:

-Enjoy lovely meals
-Share knowledge, skills and ideas
-Get inspired and motivate to create and perform your art
-Learn and practice the verb “LOVE” consciously
-Welcome everyone based on what they can afford
-Feel at home

“A HOME where we not only feed our belly, but also our mind, heart and soul. A place where we can grow together, achieve our dreams and continue making a difference in this world.”

While we were there (for the third time) there were musicians jamming together in one of the main areas. There is also a table set up by an independent entrepreneur making amazing coffees and teas.

I was so inspired by the place, the people, and the concept that I even thought of opening something similar in Wilderness when I’m back home! THIS is the way to do business. Community and collaboration is the next step in our evolution, it is the revolution.