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How you can help liberate South Africa


The Organic Humanity Movement (The OHM) is a movement that politically wants to revolutionize governance and simultaneously empower the citizens of South Africa to liberate themselves from any form of oppression and injustice.... READ MORE

Sculpting this Earth documentary film


A ground-breaking documentary feature film, a first of its kind championing land art from the southern hemisphere, is set to captivate audiences. Directed and produced by Cape Town-based filmmaker and founder-owner of CineSouth... READ MORE

Global Veins by Gloria Florez


“This installation invites reciprocity from the audience, as they walk through the forest of threads – an innocent discovery of a feather, a bone,an insect leads to surprise, then recognition, then an assumption... READ MORE

A Green Times reading list


One of our favourite green news sites to follow is The Green Times, and here’s a roundup of some of their latest articles. Happy reading! Scientists call for change in marine environmental assessment... READ MORE