In November 2018 a group of us as artists held an exhibition, VERGE, at the Old Gaol Museum complex, Knysna, in collaboration with the Knysna Art Society and several environmental organisations who offered workshops and talks around biodiversity and the conservation of endangered and vulnerable species. 

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Art Observing Nature

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…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough? Vincent Van Gogh Here’s a small collection of beautiful artworks inspired by each artist’s observations... READ MORE

Plett whale sculpture


A stunning new steel whale sculpture on Central beach in Plettenberg Bay works towards increased public awareness of the plastic pollution and marine litter problems we face. This project forms part of Nature... READ MORE

Babiana villosula


Chris Lochner385 x 575 mmWatercolour on ArchesArchival framing Babiana villosula, a species of bobbejaantjie, has lost 80% of it’s habitat due to urban growth and agriculture, and now occurs only in scattered populations... READ MORE

Hippocampus capensis


Knysna SeahorseKnysna-seeperdjieiHashe Yolwandle Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: ActinopterygiiOrder: SyngnathiformesFamily: SyngnathidaeHippocampus capensis Boulenger 1900 Seahorses are found in shallow seas from Tasmania to the United Kingdom, and they feature in myths and legends from around... READ MORE

Six Kingdoms Ecological Landscaping


Contact 076 6189 722 for indigenous gardens, edible landscaping and sustainable water management including ponds, rain management features, and water harvesting on the Garden Route (South Africa). Six Kingdoms is an incredible team... READ MORE



Let’s Clean Up Our Home! Our home, Africa, is bearing a disproportionate burden of the global plastics crisis.  For many African countries, plastic pollution is causing environmental devastation along with substantial human rights... READ MORE