WANTED: 6-12 Vegan Adventurers!

An invite from Mike Weinberg

Dear Vegan Brothers & Sisters,

To challenge myself in my 65th year (21 as a vegan), I plan to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro on March 1, 2018.

To join me on this quest, I’m seeking 6-12 very fit vegan adventurers. Besides fulfilling personal goals, this will be an opportunity to promote to the world what can be achieved on a strictly plant-based diet, and I will be seeking international publicity for our group’s aims and progress.

Concerned with cross-contamination and uncomfortable dining around others eating animal products, I’ve arranged with a very reputable company, www.ultimatekilimanjaro.com, to guide what I believe will be the first 100% vegan team to trek up Africa’s highest mountain.

We’ll also be partnering with the esteemed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine www.pcrm.org to raise funds for their Barnard Medical Center in Washington D.C., which is dedicated to research, prevention, and treatment of lifestyle diseases through plant-based nutrition.

If you would like detailed information on dates, costs, and logistics, please email me at mike.weinberg1952@gmail.com.

Please forward this message to any fellow vegans who you think might be interested.


San Diego, CA

Photos from Pixabay

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