Vegan Kili Update #4: support the project!

By Mike Weinberg

Greetings Vegan Kilimanjaro Support Group!

Wow, ranging in age from 18 to 70, we now have 16 climbers from the U.S., Canada, Norway, & South Africa! And there are others waiting to make their deposits and join us.

While the initial goal was 6-12 climbers, the guide company has hosted charity climbs for up to 30 people, so we’re being optimistic and shooting for that—please continue to spread the word!

Our Facebook page now includes the link to our new Team-PCRM page:

Beneath the introductory/recruitment blurb and photos is a table with our shining faces and bio data. Beneath the team table is the (draft) banner we’ll be unfurling on the summit. Below the banner is a “Donate” button that links to PCRM.

Currently, the PCRM donate page has generic gift amounts. I thought it might be more enticing to prospective donors if certain dollar amounts were linked to specific items or procedures, e.g., $25 buys one blood test; $100 funds one physical exam; $500 buys one microscope, etc. (I’m only guessing on the amounts/items).

Our PCRM contact, Erica Springer, is working with medical office staff on generating some actual amounts/items. In the meantime, people can still donate. Erica put in $5 to test the system, which worked fine.


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