Vegan Kili Update #2: booking / recruiting / Tanzania

Vegan Kili Update #1 /  First post about the adventure

By Mike Weinberg

Dear Vegan Kilimanjaro Support Group:

Our team is now five strong, so we’re in the process of locking in the climb dates with our 30% deposits after which we can begin searching for favorable airfares. We’ll continue to recruit climbers worldwide, but interestingly so far, only two states, Florida & California, are represented:

1. Mike Weinberg (San Diego, CA)
2. Adam Brunet (West Palm Beach, FL)
3. Jason Keller (Los Angeles, CA)
4. John Melfi (Tampa, FL)
5. Jackie Melfi (Tampa, FL)

Please continue to spread the word to any vegans who might want to join us on this amazing adventure!

Support group member Kath Rogers, who spent a summer in Tanzania’s Rao Village near Kilimanjaro, thought it was an incredible place and shared the following. (Thanks, Kath!)

“The people in TZ are very welcoming, and they refer to one another in familial terms because of the idea that we are all family. I didn’t have too much trouble finding vegan food because beans, greens/veggies, avocados, fresh fruits, peanuts, etc. are in abundance. I enjoyed ugali, a traditional corn mash dish (like mashed potatoes but with corn) with lentils, cooked greens, split peas, etc. The passion fruit juice was delicious, and I had way too many fried bananas/corn/potato treats.

The little rundown minivan buses are called dalla-dallas and cost about 10 cents (you are packed in with as many as 27 people!). The more expensive boda bodas (riding on the back of someone’s moped) are a couple of dollars, and are exhilarating and a little scary. The unpaved streets of Rao Village were fun for me to explore, but I got lost many times because there are no street signs. All of the places frequented by tourists near Kili are paved though and fairly easy to navigate.

The Swahili language is amazing and fun to learn. Here’s the link to some good words to know:“

Interested in being the South African vegan on the team? Contact Mike at

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