The EcoArt Sculptures of Nelia Offers More Than Art

The EcoArt sculptures that stand in Nelia, Queensland Australia, can capture your mind, heart and imagination. Yet this is not only because of the artworks’ beauty. The artworks are bold in character in order to convey the clear message: See nature. We as people often miss the small details of life. We focus on our busy daily events, and forget to look out the window at nature. What can nature offer us? These EcoArt sculptures will serve the purpose of answering that question and more.


Buzzing Tree Frog; Litoria Electrica
This EcoArt Sculpture represents the Buzzing Tree Frog (Litoria Electrica). This frog is a unique resident of Queensland.


The Mother-Daughter Duo

This project would not be possible if not for two people. A mother-daughter duo, Georgina and Rebecca Westlund, are behind the entire concept. Georgina handles the fine tuning. She handles the educational and community aspects. Further, she runs a farm stay in Nelia, Corella Creek Farm Stay. It is a place to get away from the busyness of life and get back to nature.


Rebecca Westlund
Artist Rebecca Westlund hard at work to create the totem sculptures.
She used Pink Gidgee wood, aged wire and old metal to create these sculptures.


Rebecca is the artist. She has done plenty of work before now and is doing her Masters of Art in Melbourne with her focus on EcoArt specifically. You can see more of her work here. Her work is made from recycled and natural materials in order to keep her artworks as environmentally friendly and non-intrusive as possible.

With this being said, what exactly did these two people accomplished by combining their respective talents and abilities?


The EcoArt Biodiversity Sculpture Trail


EcoArt Sculptures
This totem represents the threatened birds in the area.


The EcoArt Biodiversity Sculpture Trail is a work in progress, but the hope is to open the trail on the 30th of June, 2017. Currently, a lot more work lies ahead for the community group and council. Firstly, the community group and council are still working together on needed details. Secondly, the artworks await their brass plaques, which is very much part of the entire artwork. Lastly, the paths are still being made. The trail is meant to be self-guided, allowing people to admire and learn on their own pace.

Nelia has plenty of wildlife and beauty, something that people aren’t always aware of. Since it is a small town (housing three people and one business), Nelia often doesn’t get the deserved recognition. The outback often seems empty of life, which makes it easy to believe it is. Yet, Nelia is known for some impressive wildlife, such as the Julia Creek Dunnart.

The trail will hopefully give tourists and even locals something interesting to do in nature. Not only will people enjoy the walk, nature and the artworks, but they will also learn something. Five totem-like sculptures will be put up on this trail. These EcoArt sculptures can offer entertainment and awareness, but they can also offer mindfulness.

As humans, we are often intrusive. We build large homes after we rip up trees and plants. All the while, we break down animals homes. The outback, however, has plenty of open land, which is left untouched. These sculptures explores not only the local biodiversity, but also the effects we as people have on the land.


The Less Direct Impact

Where the EcoArt sculptures might hold an educational, awareness and tourism impact, it doesn’t stop there. Georgina and Rebecca prove that you do not need an entire team to start something incredible. They saw that there was an opportunity to make a difference in their community. They used their own talents to fulfill that need. In the end, the EcoArt sculptures really do make a difference in plenty of different ways. How will you see nature after this?

Currently, the sculptures are open to the public on Georgina’s land. Tourists are welcome to see the sculptures for themselves in a guided tour, but as “the interpretive plaques are actually part of the display”, as Georgina explains, you must remember that the artworks are still incomplete. However, for those who are interested, you can ask at the tourist information kiosk and get a sneak peak at what is to come.

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